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Tuesday, January 19, 2016
By Rock House photography
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  As business owners,  our web presence is the first thing people see and judge us by.   We must do everything we can to make our presence bold and attractive to possible clients.  The proper lighting and posing can and will make ALL the difference in your professional headshots!  TRUST ME!  You will not regret hiring a pro for this job!  And that doesnt mean breaking the bank!

      Do it yourself?  WHY?!?!       At ROCK HOUSE, we have you covered!      

You didnt know ROCK HOUSE offers Corporate Headshots?  Well, we do!  We recently had the pleasure of working with MARTIN CONSTRUCTION of Richmond, KY photographing the owner and employees for their new and upcoming website!  Weve worked with several businesses over the years and would LOVE the opportunity to work with you and answer any questions you may have!  Whether you are a multi million dollar firm or a small business owner with 3 employees, we will work together to create images that make your website stand out in todays market!  Give us a call today for your free HEADSHOTS consultation!

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